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The scene is set at White Hart Lane!

First of all, should Spurs win tonight, they will reach the quarter-finals of the competitions for the first time since their only previous European Champion Clubs’ Cup appearance in the 1961/62 season.

Having that in mind, Harry Redknapp confessed to that he will not give up his attacking philosophy:

We’re not coming here to sit back on a 1-0 lead. My message to the players will be: ‘Let’s get after them; let’s press them back and see if we can score again because that’s our style. If we change our style of play then it will be difficult. We do score goals and sometimes we have difficulty stopping them. We will pick an open, attacking team and that’s how we’ll play tomorrow – we’ll have a go.

Harry’s lads certainly have several aces up their sleeves:

1. They won at the San Siro 1-0 thanks to a Peter Crouch goal.

2. They have been amazing in this season of Uefa Champions League, especially at home, beating, among others, the defending European champions Inter. Spurs have been undefeated at the Lane for 14 games.

3. The Italian giants look rusty.

4. Harry Redknapp has more experience than Allegri.

This begs the question: Does Milan really have what it takes to qualify? Sure, Ibrahimovic wears a rossonero jersey. So does Pato. But are they enough to conquer the White Hart Lane fortress? Allegri is said to line-up both Seedorf and Flamini for tonight’s game, leaving the manager with only one issue: Prince-Boateng or Merkel? Milan surely have a mountain to climb ahead of tonight’s game.

Despite having a greater chance of qualifying, Spurs must not get complacent as Milan are undefeated in away games since the loss to Real Madrid at the Bernabeu (meaning 13 away games). Milan are also the current leaders of the Serie A and would do everything tonight to secure a spot in the quarter finals. But will they? Liverpool lost at the Lane, while United, City and Chelsea drew; Inter got bullied.

Redknapp seems to be determined to bench Bale, as the Welshman has just recovered from an injury. He will probably be used in the second half, should Spurs need him.

Regarding Bale, England manager Fabio Capello praised the winger calling him the best player in the world, according to the Mirror:

“Bale today is the No 1 in the world, the only one who can make the difference in that role because he has speed, technique and power – qualities which are difficult to find in a striker who is not an attacker. Bale does not start from the back, like a full-back, but pushes forward from midfield and when he is close to goal, he moves to the center and shoots with extraordinary precision.”

90 minutes to play for! Be ready football fans, as the stage is set for another thrilling game at White Hart Lane.

My guess is that Spurs will win tonight, at least 2-1.

P.S. For a more detailed preview of tonight’s game, please read and comment the article posted by my colleague earlier – “Get ready for 90 minutes of torture Tottenham fans!



  1. Acton_Yid

    March 9, 2011 at 4:17 pm

    “End of Games” I’m calling it. Facing AC Milan at the Lane is the pinnacle, there is no higher (well, apart from facing Barca in the final at Wembley !)…


    March 9, 2011 at 4:28 pm

    Awesome !! cmon u spurs

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