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Latest Spineless Performance Should Be A Wake-up Call For the AKB

Yesterdays match was a sign. A sign of things that are true at Arsenal Football Club. I am glad we this latest result, so the picture becomes more and more clear to certain people who still feel that blind faith is a good habit. I along with millions around the world wanted 3 points, but our team played like spineless goats. The criticism is not ‘harsh’, rather ‘accurate’ would be a better adjective to use. Hope is a good thing, sometimes the best of things, and no good thing ever dies – This is what Andy Dufresne said in one of my all time favourite movies- Shawshank Redemption.

But in this case, we need something to hope for, and our beloved club does not even provide that…I am ashamed of my club. Disgraceful, and absolute rubbish are ‘some’ of the words words I can use. And if you think I should not support Arsenal, **** you. As a fan I have a right to be disappointed and ashamed, and so do you. If your pissed you have a right to speak out. If you have a son, and he is caught cheating in an exam, you have a right to be ashamed and pissed.

A Manager is supposed to bring about confidence in his players. He is supposed instil some amount of belief that getting 3 points is crucial for any game. Yesterday, our man did not do it. He completely screwed it up. Now don’t tell me that he tried by putting 3 strikers up front, and bringing on Cesc. Cesc would not even be required if those 11 players had scored a goal. I saw the match and as I predicted before, it was the usual Arsenal. No effort to take the initiative and try and score. Yes, there were chances, and of course I would be a fool to say that literally ‘no effort was given’- after all they did play. But just look at it logically. When a manager sees that his team is not performing to its potential, he should change things. Like what? The formation, the tactics. Clichy play wide, Arshavin come inside, Nasri supports RVP. Even a sideline pep talk will do…

Wenger is a powerful manager. His words hold alot, especially at Arsenal. He should use it on the pitch more often. However overall, I am not going to be blame Wenger entirely for this result, I will blame the team for a lack of balls, when you know the occasion demands so much. Do we support it less, do we not pray for them enough?

As for the league, I have absolutely had it. We will not win, and if something does not change we will not be contesting for the title next year. No more excuses for the team not being mature, and not being there. Our full team has played. Where is the will? What are the facts? We beat Barcelona when they could have hammered us. We beat Chelsea when they were off-form. We are just a mediocre team, which plays football in England for the fun of it.

Now I am convinced that there is something more which this Gunners side requires. It has a manger and has a team which is mediocre. Not in quality but in will. A team which is good, but has the will to win, shall definitely do well. United for example.

I cannot pray and get will. It is not possible, and neither can you. As for the players who play – It is up to them to do well, and quite frankly they can’t. Gooners pay alot for tickets in London. When you pay alot, you want your money’s worth and this team just does not give it to you…


Submitted by THE ARMOURY

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