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All Is Not Well At Arsenal – Wenger Needs To ‘Learn To Accept!’

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If what I hear or read for that matter is true, then the uprising has begun. This is what Arsenal shareholder Mr. Darren Epstein had to say:

“I think the majority still believe Wenger is the right man for the job but it’s those players who are letting him down.

“But there is a split between the fan base because there is a growing number – albeit still in the minority – who believe it is time for change.

“But it got nasty between fans. Some were leaving early and having a go at Wenger and then those who were saying: ‘get behind the team’ and defending the manager. Passions were running high and there were some fights. It got nasty.

“Personally, I still believe in him. But he should make a change in his philosophy. Sign some new players, stop all contract negotiations and decide on a few players at the end of the season. They are the ones letting him down.”

Now for me, hmmm…enough is enough. But if you read my blog, I am sure you already know that. Look, I am going to be very honest here. I trusted him, and had faith in him a lot upto a certain point, but then his attitude towards what should matter- ‘Football’ faded away, and so did my trust.

On the same day Mr. Mourinho lost his unbeaten 150 game home record, was the day a lousy team of red and whites walked off the pitch of a booing Emirates Stadium. It was a game which was indeed embarrassing to draw. Why? Well if you go over the facts it’s easy to understand. Rovers entered the Emirates with no away clean sheets this season. And mind you this is the Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal FC. The last time they came here we witnessed a 6-2 thrashing of Blackburn inspite of the away team taking the lead twice!

Arsenal had most of their full squad back. Yes, our captain did not start but Cesc is not the be-all and end-all of Arsenal. Arshavin, RVP, Theo and Nasri all played, so in terms of quality, we were not short. As of now, Rovers stand 14th in the league table, and us, well we stand at 2nd. We drew against a team which went to Manchester and conceded 7 goals.

But lets not get off-topic here should we.. Coming back to our manager…What can I say?

It’s just his ego. It’s so inflated, and so ‘fat’ that he redefines the word egotist completely. He thinks he is always right, and the rest are wrong. He thinks that one day he is going to win something and say “I was right and you were wrong.” Well, in all honesty any Gooner would take that day even now, but that’s not the point is it?

Why does he show so much faith in certain players at the club ? No clue. It actually shocks me. Does he think that suddenly one of them will start playing like superstars? I am tired of naming names so I will just leave it at that, but it’s starting to prick my nerve’s quite badly.

He will not spend, but at the same time charge the highest ticket prices. £134 for 1 away ticket, can you believe it??? He will improve the club’s infrastructure without improving its value in terms of players and brand. It’s not that I hate Wenger, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just these small little stupid things the man does which pisses the hell out of me.

Is it not possible for the club to pay out some amount of funds for transfers every year? It does not have to be 50 million, but even 15 million shall do. Nobody’s asking for a Buffon or a Messi. Even a goalie like Steklenburg, and a midfielder like Hazard shall do something to this team.

Good players come at a price, but sadly this never occurs to our manager. His ideals of having the perfectly runned club is seriously faulty. No club can be perfectly run. To do that you not only have to please the players, but also the crowd (Local as well as the Global). At this moment, nothing is happening, and for the past 6 years the only thing Arsenal is doing is pleasing neutrals, who lets face it don’t give a damn anyway.

Then we have his optimistic attitude. In matches which we lose unexpectedly he will come out with the most bizarre reactions. Where SAF calls a media ban to let his players know how upset he was, Wenger says ” we have to assess the problems ” and some more bull-****…! How long does it make to build a team, 6 years??? The point is that he is trying to make everybody in the team a product of Arsenal, not seeing the big picture that sometimes there are other players who are just better.

I know, [and trust me I do] that by the time this post is published I will have a few blokes harping on the fact that I don’t know anything about the game, I am this, and that, and I should respect Wenger for what he has done for this club. I suck, and blah, blah, blah…

Of course, any Gooner including me respects the man for what he has done. But both of us equally feel the same need for a performance in a season, forget about trophies. And this even you know.

I hear the usual arguement that ” You think Wenger sucks, can you ever reach his level”, “Can you perform better?” Firstly, I do not require to reach his level because I am not a manager. If I was…that would be a different story. Secondly, there is no question of me performing better because I am not in his position.

Arsenal is a well run club, but yet there are some issues which are so clear and yet so poorly addressed by our manager. Ever wondered why Arsenal players are so injury-prone? United had 2 players who looked surely out for the season and yet they are back – Rio and Valencia. We had 1 player with an achilles injury and he’s missed the whole season! Are the training sessions not good enough, or are they so difficult that the players just prefer to go down clutching parts of their body? Something is wrong somewhere. Someone may have screwed up some equations or something because somehow its always Arsenal, always. Be it injuries, or a crazy stubborn egotist, Arsenal is there.

Wenger is never receptive, and it is his way or the high way. He may not show it, but that seriously is the case. The worst part is that when a manage has this attitude, they do well. But our managers highway reeks of a sewage tunnel…

He can never inspire any player who is not playing well to do something which makes a difference to the game. Players like Denilson, Rosicky [although he is one of my favourite players] and Diaby. All they do is add another player to the pitch without ever contributing or doing anything useful at all. Might as well play with 10 men.

For United its Hernandez, or Carrick. All of them contribute to the team. Name me one player who does not contribute in any way, doubt you can. Whether its Fletcher moving into the wing, or Rafael putting in a cross, or even Carrick for that matter playing a long ball to Giggs, everybody in that team contributes. As for us, we just have 8 or 9 out of 11 players pitching in.

If there are no new additions to the trophy cabinet, Arsenal will require a massive rebuilding this summer. And by rebuilding I mean clear out, change in club objectives, planned targets, and hopefully if its not too much a slight deviation from the Arsenal philosophy. BUT, But, but… if our stooge of a manager disagrees then don’t expect a trophy for the next few years. All is not well at Arsenal Football Club, like the way this man portrays it. The faster you get that illusion out the better for The Arse’.

Fire away at the comments…

Submitted by DKD from Armoury Square

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