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Not Perfect But Finally A Win For The Gunners

Yesterday’s win was a much needed one for the Gunners. It was not pretty and we could have easily lost to Blackpool but finally we managed to have Lady Luck shine on us yesterday. The Seasiders showed much more passion than out lads especially in the second half and should have at least scored an equalizer when they were only 2-1 down. I have to admit that Jens should have been sent off but the referee obviously thought giving the goal was enough. If he had send Jens off, then the goal would not have stood. In the end, the three points is all that matters for the title chase.

No matter what everyone says, every team needs to have some luck to win a championship. Man United certainly has their fair share of luck during this run-in while we have had certainly the worse share of Lady Luck so far. I am not trying to blame our troubles on luck but when you have your first choice goalkeeper breaking a finger when picking up a slow ball, you realize that this is going to be a long and frustrating run-in. But when Almunia hurt himself during the warm up, I realize that Lady Luck might be turning our way.

Not many people will agree with me but I think Jens at 41 is still a much better goalkeeper than Almunia currently. Yes he looks a little rusty but the German obviously has a better command of the penalty box and gives more confidence to his defenders. Even his usual madness seems to have disappeared with age. I know this is just his first game back but I hope he will continue to do well especially with the game against Liverpool at the weekend. I just hope Arsene does not bring back Almunia for the next game because if he does, you can kiss our title hopes goodbye.

Submitted by The Arsenal Kid

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