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ARSENAL TRANSFERS: Who Should Stay & Who Should Go??

Who should stay and who should go? Various forums have people criticising squad members and highlighting able replacements. I will highlight some players and add my own humble opinion.

Diaby, I have read the gangly midfielder can’t control a ball, has a poor pass and does not live up to Arsenal standards. With Diaby, as with Denilson, I feel both of these ‘midfielders’ have struggled to adapt to being holding players. Again both have had not had a consistent run in the side to gain form. Diaby I feel is heavily under rated, a talented midfielder who when fit and holding down an attacking midfield birth shows his box to box pace, strength and skill.

Denilson, is a player who does not help him self. Stray passing, rash tackling, no endeavour in chasing players. In the right team, in the right attacking role Denilson’s passing and long range shooting would make him an asset, but his frustration in an Arsenal system where he does not positionally fit means the time to go has arisen.

Eboue, a cult following for the player with no brain. Arsene’s equivalent of Winnie the Pooh. Eboue will play anywhere, any role and will give 110%…but consistency and concentration is key. Possibly due to again a lack of a run to build confidence being part of a team, but too many rash challenges, wayward finishes, being all energy and no purpose means I agree it is Eboue’s time to move on is upon us.

Special mention, Laurent Koscieleny. Fans tend to forget where this player has come from (French lower leagues) to top of the premier league action. Without injured Vermealan or Djourou, Laurent may have had more time to integrate and learn but for a first season, I personally can see a solid future stalwart strengthening Arsenal’s back four. If not for the carling cup howler Laurent’s season has been one of the better.

I get as frustrated seeing fan forums as I do watching Arsenal not winning trophies. Players are pillared in a vicious manner and hope that the players who get the brunt I have managed to give an objective overview to. A player can never be called s**t, they may just need coaching, a different position on field, a different system to play in or a different league to learn their trade.

Please comment and highlight any players you feel get an un-called for rough deal or over the top criticism.

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