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[PLAYER RATINGS] Bolton 2-1 Arsenal

After the Gunners’ last minute defeat to Bolton which effectively ended any chances of winning the title, here are my ratings…. please comment if you agree or disagree.

Sczcesny– 8.0- Another excellent performance yet again by the young Polish keeper, who has been one of the few bright spots for the Gunners this season. Made an excellent saves on Kevin Davies from the penalty spot and other top-class saves from Elmander and Sturridge…. didn’t deserve to be on the losing side.

Sagna– 6- Had an alright game, especially defensively, but attacking-wise, he was wasteful and didn’t do much as his crosses were wayward to say the least.

Koscielny and Djourou-4- Disastrous game from the center backs, Sturridge tore them apart today time and time again, both goals came from set pieces which they should’ve dealt better with…. not a good game at all, Wenger seriously needs to buy a top-class defender.

Clichy-5- Not a good game from the French left-back, he’s becoming a liability to the team. He was given a hard time by Bolton, especially by Sturridge and Chung Young Lee, and he was awful attacking wise with his crosses way off the mark. I believe Wenger needs to reconsider giving him a new contract.

Song-5- The big Cameroonian didn’t have much influence at all in my opinion and was rightly substituted in the second half.

Wilshere-6- The talented Wilshere had a great start to the game, but slowly faded away… this doesn’t mean he had a poor game, but not a good one by his standards…. still, like Sczcesny, one of the few bright spots this season.

Fabregas-6.5- The skipper didn’t stamp his authority as he would’ve loved to and like he usually does, but he was still dangerous with a shot hitting the post, and providing the assist for Van Persie.

Nasri– 4.5- This was a debatable one, as I’m probably harsh on Nasri, who’s been our best player this season. He didn’t have a poor game, but he had three glorious chances to win the game for the Gunners and he blew them shockingly…. which unfortunately cost the Gunners dearly.

Walcott-5.5- Just like Wilshere, started the game brightly, but then slowly faded away. He didn’t worry Robinson as much as he would’ve liked to.

Van Persie-6.5- Not a great game for the Dutchman, but he was one of the best players for the Gunners today, took his goal well and gave it his all. Showed his frustrations, when he argued with Matt Taylor after the match.


Chamakh– 5.5- The big Moroccan didn’t exactly do much, but I believe he could’ve done better with the excellent pass Van Persie provided for him, when he tried to head it down to Nasri…. and it wasn’t the best of layoffs.

Arshavin– 6- The little Russian ran his socks off ever since he stepped on the pitch, he did everything he can to give Arsenal the win.

Ramsey– N/A

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  2. GunnerPete

    April 25, 2011 at 12:40 pm

    Sadly the same faults that were obvious to us older Gunners 4 years ago were there yet again. Fullbacks who attack too much but cannot cross a ball. In fact you will see more skill re ; crosses in schoolboy football…how are these two worth the big money they get? I remember in pre season watching young Nordvett playing right back and he was excellent…his crosses were perfect and his defensive work was 100% better than these two…so we give him away and keep another berk called Eboue!!!!????

    The centre backs are Championship class not Premiership, we all know that but AW obviously does not? I can see both of them being very good DMF in fact better than Song by a mile…but AW does not agree.

    We have a front six of tip tappers who only shoot every 15 attacks. Nasri was as usefull as a chocolate teapot yesterday and for the past 6/7 games…why? Cesc still looks like he has his mind on Spain, and Walcott dissapears after 30 minutes every game..why?

    Chamakh has had the stuffinh knocked out of him by AW when being demoted behind a lumbering Bentner, and Arsharving wants to play in Italy so much he really does not carry much danger at all…why?

    Wilshire is a talent but is now showing signs of the AW overcoahing that all our players seem to suffer from ie; never shoot when you can pass sideways or out to the wing or backwards…dont lose possession and dont do anything with it when you have possession…why? If you think this is harse…just remember when Arsharvin & Nasri first arrived they tore defenses to shreads and shot at every opportunity and from any where….nowdays Arsharvin would not score one of the four great goals against Liverpool that made his name…why? Nasri, as we saw many times yesterday…was pathetic in front of goal….why?

    RVP still is the only genuine world class performer we have… and he must be as sick of our team as I am. Unless (and it will not happen) AW gets a kick up the arsenal and brings in a world class CB and at least a class full back or two….our defence will leak goals every single match. We need to revamp our whole style and go back to a defensive format with lightning breakaways as per the 1989 side. The 60% possession every game is now boring and predictable and wastfull as it encourages late tackles and leads to breakways bu the opposition. Sadly all I can see is more of the same…..a few big names out for big money and a few average, lower league, frenchmen in plus a couple of 17 year olds.
    The result will be that in th end Gunners will not turn up in the numbers needed to finance the stupid wages paid out to such ordinary squad players.

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  4. Omar

    April 25, 2011 at 6:10 pm

    Wow, thanks for commenting. I really like your honesty, I agree that we need a top class CB and need to work on our defense, we’re all sick and tired of our constant failures, but we need to keep supporting the team and we need to give Wenger another chance. The pressure is on him now, let’s see what he does. The club, the players, and the fans deserve titles.

    Cheers and take care,

    Twitter: @alwayzagunner14

  5. ajgooner

    April 25, 2011 at 9:58 pm

    what type of rating is this, wilshire had a disasters game, faded away from 20mins afterward, 80mins of the game he wasnt there, van persi cant and fabregas cant beat the first defender when ever they take a corner, put some iron in ur freaking boots guys..

    when are we going to start shooting from outside the box, or inside the box or any where else,

    why does nasri need to go back on himself all the time instead of passing the ball quickly, a bit like diaby, who needs to bring the ball to your feet instead of a short pass,

    i could go on , but the last one,, why cant arsen change things from the start like morinho used to do instead of waiting 75min to do it..

  6. ajgooner

    April 25, 2011 at 9:59 pm

    oh yea..i wish v.p goes away and we pick up a proper striker..

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