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Champions League Final: Predicted Score, Formation & Team

The three lads behind GGMU decided to each give our views on how we see the Champions League final going, including team selections, formations and predictions. Let us know if you agree and what you see happening!


Team:Van Der Sar, Rafael, Vidic, Ferdinand, Evra, Valencia, Fletcher, Giggs, Park, Rooney, Hernandez

Formation: This team selection gives Fergie flexibility, we will be 4-4-1-1 with Rooney playing behind Hernandez. Chicharito will put pressure on the Barca defence with his movement and pace. Rooney will then have the freedom to drop back into the centre and help out when we don’t have the ball. Park will also drift in from the left at times to help Giggs and Fletch in the centre. 

What will happen: Fergie has spoken about focus this week and has spoken of the focus we had in 2008 in the semi. I think he will adopt a similar approach to that two legged affair.

I think the front 3 that Barca have now will be easier to try and control than the 3 they had in the 2009 final. Messi is now occupying the central position and while David Villa is world class they don’t have someone in the Samuel Eto’o mould, a poacher who if given a sniff as Eto’o was in Rome will take full advantage.

United will try to harry and hassle Barca when they have possession. This is why I think Fletch will get the nod ahead of Carrick. The Scot was a big loss two years ago and he’s the only man we have in the centre who will run himself into the ground trying to make tackles. The likes of Fletcher, Park, Valencia and Rooney will be asked to put in a trojan amount of work and as soon as United get the ball they will break with Rooney, Park and Valencia supporting Chicharito. The first goal is huge and if we go in front I can see us holding on for dear life until the end.

First Goal: Hernandez

Score: 1-0 United

COME ON UNITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Team: VDS, Fabio, Vidic, Rio, Evra, Valencia, Carrick, Giggs, Park, Rooney, Hernandez

– No surprises there I think. Others would choose O’Shea or even Rafael over Fabio but I feel that Fabio deserves his place. He has had a good end to the season, he has bags of pace, is composed on the ball and will get up and down the right hand side all night.

Although Nani has been one of our best players this season I feel the other 2 wingers will get the nod, Valenica for his penetration down the right and Park for his non stop running and defensive capabilities on the right. I have a feeling Giggs will get the nod beside Carrick as long as his head is ok as he can be our key man to unlocking Barca.

Formation: It will be a 4-4-1-1 with Rooney given permission to wander everywhere during attacks but to tuck in when we don’t have the ball. Hernandez will offer us that option of playing right up against the last man where hopefully we can get him into one on one situations where he is lethal.

What will happen? Messi or Barca will score a first half goal and United will have to do what they have being doing all season by doing it the hard way. Rooney to score the winner and us all to forgive him!

First Goal: Messi

Score: I am going to go with 2-1 to United. Barcelona always score so United will have to score more!


Team: VDS, Rafael, Vidic, Ferdinand, Evra, Valencia, Carrick, Giggs, Park, Rooney Hernandez

Formation: It will be the 4-4-1-1 which has served us well in recent weeks with Rooney playing in the hole behind Hernandez. I expect Park to tuck in to help out Giggs and Carrick with midfield duties, although that does afford Alves some space. Rooney will also drop almost into midfield to help out when we don’t have the ball. Hernandez will press high up the pitch in an attempt to stop Barca playing comfortably out of defence. All of their attacks begin with Valdes, Pique and Puyol so we will try and stop them at source. I would expect Hernandez to play on the last shoulder too, so the Barca defence can’t play too high up the pitch.

What Will Happen: I think we are going to go for them. Fergie is still sore from that loss in Rome and sees this as a massive opportunity and perhaps his finest moment. We will get in their faces from an early stage and make our presence felt. We cannot and will not back off them. Our work rate has to be huge.

When we have the ball, I see us attacking with full vigour. Pique and Puyol aren’t the quickest defenders and Hernendez can give them real problems with his pace and movement. This game will be about pace and dynamism for United and Rooney will be central to it. His battle with Busquets will be key but it also be good to see him getting forward and occupying Pique or Puyol at stages. If they score early, we are in trouble. Keep it tight for the opening quarter and put them under pressure. This Uniited team is more than capable of holding onto the ball too, which we will have to do well at stages. Giggs to have a BIG game.

A scoreless first half, with three second half goals. United to go two up early in second half with Barca pulling one back. Then, hang on!

First goal: Rooney

Score: Barca 1-2 United

Submitted by Glory Glory Man Utd


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