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Join The Sneaker Craze Everyone Is Talking About, Including Half-naked Women!

As some of you may know, I love trainers! I love the feeling of wearing a new pair and try and keep them looking brand new for as long as possible. I typically have about 8 pairs in my wardrobe and buy a new pair every couple of months, mostly Nike but occasionally Puma and rarely Adidas. Quite excessive for the average person wouldn’t you say? Now i used to think i loved trainers, until i heard about a new website.

It’s a Sneaker Thing is a site set up by Foot Locker for people to show off their love for trainers, or ‘sneakers’ as the Americans like to call them, by submitting their stories, blog entries, videos, images and comments about everything ‘sneaker-related’. It has a real community feel and a must for trainer lovers (or those who just like to watch funny videos!).

Judging by some of the stuff already on this site there are people out there that really love their trainers! Far more than me, that’s for sure. These people are ‘sneaker crazy’ to say the least. The site has been live for a few weeks now and Footlocker has been promoting it everywhere, including TV adverts which you may have seen. There is some really amazing stuff on the website already, including sneaker art in Paris, a man on a mission in London and a favourite of mine – a sneaker streaker running through a piazza in Milan. Check it out:

Gotta love an Italian bird running about half naked just to show how much she likes trainers, eh! As is the craze these days, there is a Facebook group where you can join the Sneaker Movement and you can also check out how Adam Smith unwittingly started this whole sneaker craze when he flipped out at work.

If you too love sneakers, go check it out, or even check it out if you don’t particularly like trainers as there are some really entertaining videos on there. My personal favourite has to be of Justene Jaro doing a photo shoot in her underwear wearing her favourite trainers, watch the video below.

What’s your favourite video? Do you love trainers enough to submit a crazy video??

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