Arsenal Transfer News: Striker Bid Rejected | Gunners Tie Up Signing

By on June 25, 2011

Another day passes by and as usual, more transfer news, speculation, gossip, and rumors surrounds the Gunners. There are some interesting headlines, especially concerning Gervinho and also Ricardo Alvarez. Without further ado, here is the Arsenal Transfer News Roundup.

Gervinho Bid Rejected

Remember when I reported that Arsenal had a bid of around 10.6 million pounds, accepted by Lille. Well, according to Inside Futbol, that bid was rejected which is the reason for the delay in sealing the transfer. Lille want an offer closer to their 15 million pound valuation. The report also states that talks are still ongoing between the two clubs. I honestly don’t blame for Lille demanding more money, as Gervinho is one of their star players, has been excellent for the past two seasons, and is highly rated by many. If the report is true, the Gunners need to pay up and hopefully Gervinho will soon become a Gunner.

Link to the article:


Ricardo Alvarez On the Verge Of Signing For the Gunners

Here is some good news, as was first stated by Palermo’s President Maurizio Zamparini, who said that they were interested in signing the talented Argentian, but lost out on him to the Gunners.

“We did have a concrete bid for Alvarez and had him in our grasp back in January.”

“Unfortunately, we didn’t complete the move in time, so we lost him to Arsenal.”

“At this moment he has already signed for the Gunners.”

Now there are many reports coming from Argentina, stating that Arsenal have signed Ricardo Alvarez. The offer is reported to be 8 million pounds upfront plus add-ons, which increases the fee to around 10 million pounds. Alvarez is considered a rising talent, who is similar to Brazilian star Kaka. Hopefully, he can prove himself and shine for the Gunners. But again, we need to await official confirmation.

Link to the article on Zamparini’s remarks:,19528,12874_7003856,00.html

Here’s a video showing Alvarez’s talents that he’ll hopefully display with the Gunners:


What do you think? Should Wenger pay up for Gervinho? Do you think that Alvarez is a good signing for the Gunners? Please share your thoughts and opinions.

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  1. gize

    July 2, 2011 at 5:13 pm

    sure Alvarez’s talent full and better performance. It have good potential.If wenger buy this player their is for arsenal. I think the demand is low so to use such chance and attract the visitor. I wish good chance for Gunner and trophy in the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Onishola OluwaSegun

    July 3, 2011 at 9:28 pm

    Mr Wenger,that ur aim and objection is was granted by we fans,do it faster b4 it will 2.late.more so will need smbody like Osaze Odewingin in d. front,Gunners 4life.

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