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[EDITORIAL] Liverpool’ Summer Transfer Activity

It is all about anticipation and hoping your team turns out the benefactor of the transfer window every summer, and today I’ll be assessing Liverpool’s transfer activity thus far.

Transfer Activity 1: Jordan Henderson

Perhaps Liverpool FC’s first signing of the summer, although a few smaller names have slipped in unnoticed (will be talking about that later). A 16.5 million pound deal is quite a price to justify for the Under 21 England International. Arriving from a good season at Sunderland, Liverpool fans will be hoping that he will continue to develop in the middle of the park, or operating on the right side of their midfield.

A good passer with great composure when with the ball, he’s quite a decent buy when you don’t look at the high price tag. With Aquilani unproven, Gerrard’s injury trouble not over yet and new problems with Meireles’ knee, he’s a great asset to have at a time like this and a great reinforcement should he not manage to consistently make the first team. A crucial thing here is that he’s young and talented.

Transfer Activity 2: Charlie Adam

This transfer, I don’t really get, Liverpool fans are still split over this 7 million pound transfer that was completed last week. Following the signing of Jordan Henderson, why go out and sign another (predominantly) central midfielder? I personally don’t think that one season with BLACKPOOL justifies why Liverpool should sign him either.

I’ll show you the stats, Charlie Adam has a cross successful rate of 23%, even when comparing to Raul Meireles, whom also is a central midfielder (although not free kick taker), Meireles’ conversion rate is at 30%. And looking at pass conversion rates, it is about the same, Adam: 67%, Meireles: 73%. And lastly, shooting accuracy. Once again, Meireles comes out tops, with him shooting on target 68% of the time. Adam, however, he’s at 61%.

So my question now is, how come Meireles is being linked with a move away from the club and Charlie Adam is coming in to replace him? Age? Can’t be, there isn’t even a 2 year age gap between the two. Talent? I already showed you the stats, Meireles comes out on top. Experience? It’s also Adam’s first season in the EPL. A lot of questions, no answers, really.

Transfer Activity 3: Selling the Flops

Liverpool could definitely be faster in shepherding the flops out of Anfield. Jovanovic is (finally) talking to Anderlecht, Christian Poulsen hasn’t even been talking to anyone and David N’gog is our very own Nicklas Bendtner who doesn’t want out. We need to sell quicker, so we can buy quicker.

But we need to sell at the RIGHT PRICE. I think Liverpool need to consider selling them first before buying anymore players.

Transfer Activity 4: Doni

A deal that I don’t quite get. Doni is all set to join Liverpool with a medical soon to be completed. But with Jose Reina still set to be around for quite a long time, I personally don’t get why we’re getting a goalkeeper whom is admittedly past his prime.

Besides, with have Brad Jones as second choice, and he isn’t that bad either (although he did have a shocker on his cup debut). So this deal, not really getting it.

Transfer Activity 5: Youngsters

Liverpool have snapped up a few youngsters in the summer, perhaps the most notable one being young 15 year old left back Alex O’Hanlon. Already dubbed the ‘new Gareth Bale’, he is set for a huge future with the club in my opinion and he should be able to make himself a familiar face down the left flank in a few years. After all, left back and left wing is a problematic area for us.

Another youngster signing for us is Jones, not Phil Jones, but instead it is his namesake, Lloyd Jones. Not heard much about him at all, no comparisons to big names, but he’s got to be talented for Liverpool to take up interest in him. If you guys haven’t heard, he’s a centerback that we signed from Plymouth just about a month or so ago now.

So any extra thoughts from you guys? Leave them in the comments section below!

Submitted by Two Liverpool Fans




  1. Bill

    July 13, 2011 at 9:21 am

    the only way to get rid of Ngog is to tell him straight he’s going into the reserves and leave him there, he’ll be screaming to go by Christmas.

  2. Alan

    July 13, 2011 at 11:42 am

    I doubt he’ll be screaming to go whilst he’s earning £20,000 a week more at Anfield than he would any where else.

    We need to move these players on with an eye on their wages as well as the transfer fee. If it means letting someone go for £2.5 mill when you want £4 mill but getting their £40,000 a week wages off the bill for 3-4 years then that’s a sacrifice we need to make.

    It’ll definitely be a few years before we’re shut of all the wasters though – I mean who in God’s name is going to be Nabil El Bong and the rest of the ‘for the future’ players that our academy did so poorly with?

  3. Simon

    July 13, 2011 at 4:55 pm

    What if Reina lands awkwardly and gets injured, you want to put the rest of the season in the hands of Jones without a back up? You need 3 decent keepers in a squad.

    Agree we need to clear the dead wood and get the youngsters through. Suso FTW!

    Realistically this is a season of development, with the potential to still do very well. The perfect season to test some of the youngsters.

  4. Dam

    July 14, 2011 at 8:34 am

    Please don’t compare Adam and Meireles. It is clear Adam is far far better than meireles. The fact you list is very doubtable. Adam most of the time play as Central midfielder, while Meireles is more on attacking midfielder.

    Adam crosses and through ball is very great, none of Liverpool player can do that except Stevie (and Alonso). Liverpool too much rely on Stevie assist last few years and this last couple years when stevie was injured, it was very clear that we dont have correct tempo and playing style anymore. Liverpool problem is at Midfielder. How good Suarez and Caroll up front are useless if our central midfield is Lucas, Spearing and Meireles. Hodgson is terrible, and so do all of player he bought. Poulsen (K.O), Meireles (O.K) Konchesky (POOR!). While Daglish’s new signing (Suarez via Damien 4-1/2 Star), Caroll (4 star), Henderson (3-1/2 star), Adam (4 Star).

    • Dam

      July 14, 2011 at 8:35 am

      Put Meireles in Blackpool, maybe he cant even have the ball.

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