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Open your eyes Wenger – With love, signed Specsavers

Football - Birmingham City v Arsenal Barclays Premier League

By Guest Writer Marvin Williams.

With all the credentials held by the Arsenal scouting team the football world can only speculate on how they’ve overlooked a signing that’s been staring them in the face.

…The latest addition to the Arsenal squad, A much… needed… Centre back …Pair of glasses.

Once the infamous four words, ‘I didn’t see it’ were brushed off as a flippant Arsene once again acting the role of sore loser. However over the years Wenger’s Arsenal teams’ have weakened so much so that the validity of the statement should now be reassessed. Was Arsene’s eye site really deteriorating and no one took any action? He spoke of his symptoms, the fans felt his pain and now the Arsenal team reflects that.

Ex pros, fans and pundits diagnose Arsenal with the same problems and prescribe the same remedies.

‘They need a Vieira in there’

‘They need a top class centre half, centre midfield and keeper’

‘They can only play one way’

But Wenger’s persistent refusal to address what is so blatant to the entire football world makes the ‘eye sight theory’ a very valid one.

The yearly increasing stat is the Gunners trophy drought which now stands at 5years and their decline from the days of the Invincibles. Now I’m not one to harbour on past memories or the ‘glory years’ we have enough Newcastle, Spurs and Liverpool fans already doing so but Arsenal’s great years are so recent it’s fresh in all of our memories, unprompted by an episode of Premier League Years. It seemed like only yesterday MOTD opened with that Dennis Bergkamp flick, Tony Adams goal sealed the championship and the title was won at White Hart Lane. Harbouring? Maybe just a little but are memories all that are left for the Arsenal fans now? The club has become an academy where young players learn their trade and depart for a fee.

The claim that Arsene has done it before and can do it again in principle works but unfortunately it isn’t that simple. Arsenal with a few additions could be converted into the best side in the country and could win the title next year but without them they could go another five years without winning anything. Paying of the stadium has put everything on the backseat and its initial intention of moving the club forward has done the opposite. Football doesn’t stop! Other clubs will continue to progress and Arsenal could be further adrift by the time they wish to start spending again.

Arsene Wenger has built a wall around himself which even the closets of colleagues are unable to breach.  His ego isn’t helped by the lack of pressure he is put under and the amount of power he has. You get a sense that Pat Rice is merely a ‘yes man’ and the board have no problems as long as the turnover each year is decent.  Mental strength and belief are no substitutes for quality and experience and as Sol Campbell single handedly distorted his ‘over thirty policy’ he should re-evaluate aspects of his management.

Suggest departing with the manager, the cannon comes out and the ‘Arsene loyalist’ start some firing of their own. The culprits are labelled glory hunters, Arsene’s honours are recited and the last five years are swept under the carpet. How the suggestion equates to being a glory hunter I would never know. The Scousers did the same last year branding the Liverpool fans down South the fickle ones who called for Benitez’s head, a year later that all appears a distant memory. Ideally no Arsenal fan wants Wenger to leave but it has come to the point that he may need to in order for the club to move forward.

Arsene loves a bargain and Specsavers have a 2 for 1 offer on, if anyone has the address for North London’s branch please forward it to the Emirates.



  1. c gander

    May 13, 2010 at 10:23 am


  2. Alex

    May 13, 2010 at 10:38 am

    “Arsenal teams’ have weakened so much” …. that… “with a few additions it could be converted into the best side in the country”. LOL
    Why don’t you just write – “I hate Wenger, because I want the Shiny Thing, and I want it now.”
    I am amused by “experts” who really believe that few additions can make or break the team. Unless they are Maradonas and Messis of this world. So Arsene, why don’t you buy a couple of Maradonas? There are lots of them around dreaming about Arsenal wages. No? You can not see them? Then just buy someone, or better three, to make fans happy. Or maybe it is better to sack Arsene and get Benitez? He will buy happily. Fans will be ecstatic.

    • Football Talk

      May 13, 2010 at 10:51 am

      Just to clarify that this article was written by a guest writer. These are the views the writer and should not be considered the views of All fans are invited to submit articles to be published on the website whatever your views may be.

    • Marvin Williams

      May 14, 2010 at 4:47 am

      So everything is fine at Arsenal and Wenger shouldnt be held accontable for anything? Of course a few additions can make or break a side and they dont need to worldclass they simply need to better than some of the very poor players Arsenal already have. Fabianski, Almunia, Silvestre, Denilson, Djourou, Senderos all players who will clearly never be good enough. Eboue, Bedntner,Rosicky are squad players at best. Injuries to RVP could have been anticipated at the beginning of the season. Do you know how many points the Arsenal keepers’ have cost them this season? and you mean to say that there are no better keepers in the world that will play for a top 4 club on the same wage?

  3. Simon

    May 13, 2010 at 10:47 am

    Over the last 5 years Arsenal have been severly restricted in the transfer market. We just haven’t had the funds to compete at the new levels first introduced by Chelsea and now Man City. We knew building the stadium would come at a price but Wenger could never have predicted that wages and tranfer fee’s would have changed so dramatically.

    I believe Wenger knew he would be relying on youth while the stadium debt was being paid off . The bulk of the invincibles were sold off to reduce the wage bill and release funds for the odd transfer , but to suggest Wenger is blind to obvious signing’s is fooish to say the least. Wenger will not pay crazy money for any player and that is the kind of money being thrown around at the moment.

    You suggest that parting with Wenger is the way forward. That a change is needed. Everyone is entitled to their opinion ……but I couldn’t disagree with you more. When I look back at the last 5 years I don’t just see an empty trophy cabinet. I remember every detail of every season. I remember a Champions league final we were so close to winning with only 10 men. A carling cup final in which we outplayed a star-studded Chelsea side with our kids. I also remember challenging for the title on 2 occasions only to have both title bids ripped apart by horrific injury lists.

    Bottom line is this……Wenger has worked miracles on a shoe-string. Not one other manager could keep this club competitive on the money he’s spent. The club made a commitment to building the stadium. Wenger knew he would be restricted but felt he could keep the club competitive……which he has done.

    One of the conditions of a football supporter is to be short-sighted. They tend to live very much in the here and know. They can easily lose sight of a long-term view point. Wenger is not only building a great team…..but one of the best football club infrastructures in the world. We will start to see the financial benefits of it this summer……….and more and more in the coming years.

    Despite what the media , rival fans and Wenger haters like to believe……..he is not consumed by his ego or blind to any players or obvious solutions. He wants to win for this club and it’s fans……nothing gives him greater pleasure. With a little luck Wenger could have won a Champions League , a carling cup and a league title……………..on a pittance. I 100% back Wenger to shove his critics words back down their throats very very soon.

    • Marvin Williams

      May 14, 2010 at 5:14 am

      Suggesting that Arsene will prove his critics means that he will be successful with the current squad he has when clearly some of the players are not good enough. He will need to strengthen in those recommened areas we hear so much about and only then could he be a success again

  4. Amanpreet Singh

    May 13, 2010 at 1:13 pm

    Article is 100% right

    bloody hell i hadnt been counting. 5 years shit we are beginning to sound like liverpool supporters.

    i think wenger will buy this year because the defeats against chelsea n utd must have woke him up to see that we lack experience.

  5. Simon

    May 13, 2010 at 1:22 pm

    “i think wenger will buy this year because the defeats against chelsea n utd must have woke him up to see that we lack experience”.

    He doesn’t need waking up. He knows that the team lacks experience. Of course he knows that. He has just never had the funds which are needed to buy experience in todays market. He will buy this summer……but it wont be because of a sudden realisation that we lack something…….it will be because Wengers long-term plan for the club is finally starting to bare fruit.

  6. kang messias

    May 13, 2010 at 2:44 pm

    i think Arsene must stay with Arsenal, he says he will spend n sort out signings be4 the world cup, so i think this time he will do it, he knows Arsenal need a goalkeeper n a cupple of defenders… only wish is that it’s some experienced payers he brings in….not unknown players….plus Arsenal are getting the CF Chamak from Bordeaux on a free….so that’s some gd news…..i think by the start of next season Arsenal will have 3-4 new players

  7. Mark

    May 13, 2010 at 2:52 pm

    a well written article which i more or loess agree with however i don’t think parting with wenger is the way forward, we all know wenger is virtually in charge of player recruitment but i feel maybe someone should be installed in the same sort of role damien commili was at spurs or frank arnsesen not neccesarilly to take over the cheque book but to help point wenger in the direction of players because his scouting network only seems to have paid dividends in france

  8. Hamza

    May 13, 2010 at 6:03 pm

    marvin, you gotta give wenger a break! there were united fans calling for fergies head when we went years without a trophy but always have faith in ur manager. he said hes gonna spend this season, give him a season with some new players and although i hate to say it, i’m sure you lot will be competing for trophies again. good article

  9. Sean

    May 13, 2010 at 7:51 pm

    A lot of criticism has come Arsene Wenger’s way recently first for his inability to spend on experienced players and Arsenal indirect and at times ineffective brand of football.

    Most of this concerns are understandable but in my eyes ignorant, Arsene Wenger has already promised to sign experienced players this summer , who is to say that he hasn’t tried before with the signings of Arshavin and so on.

    Despite Arsene Wenger’s youth policy damaging us in the long run there is no doubt that it has benefited our squad heavily and saved us loads in transfer fees, look at the growth of Alex Song this season as an example.

    I am personally more concerned about goalkeeper crises going on at Arsenal which Arsene Wenger has failed to solve since the departure of David Seaman.

    Hopefully a world class goalkeeper is signed during this summer transfer period but i would also add another centre half and striker as Van Persie is very injury prone and Silvestre fails to over adequate cover at centre back as he has shown.

    Arsenal need to stick to there style of play as it works best for the players but our players need to show more fight , Fabregas , Song ,Vermalean and even Bentdner battled brilliantly throughout the season , but i question the resolve and spirit of certain players in our squad such as Eduardo and Arshavin.

    As for trophies all we can do is wait , they will come , we lost two good players this season in Adebayor and Toure but still challenged for the title.

    We are not as far of Chelsea and Manchester United as the table seems, trust in Wenger and let him finish what he started , that will bring success , get rid of him without real thought and the club will be going more backwards than it ever has.

  10. Bilal

    May 14, 2010 at 12:46 pm

    Marvinnn…u bein bit harsh I fink…arsenal been unlucky with injuries and all ur good players wanting to leave…but wenger dus need to step up in the transfer market and stop relying on his youth

  11. Omz

    May 14, 2010 at 10:20 pm

    Great article right to the core issues…but bilal’s right bit harsh considering all wev had to deal with

  12. Kelvin

    May 14, 2010 at 10:38 pm


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