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Arsenal accused of dirty tricks in the transfer market… ironic!


By Fab4.

As Marouane Chamakh is under-going a medical ahead of his free transfer move to Arsenal, the president of Bordeaux Jean-Lois Triaud has had a cheeky dig at the Gunners saying his transfer dealings with Arsenal in the past have always been complicated and he can’t understand how Chamakh can be moving to North London without ever speaking to Arsene Wenger.

Chmakh’s move to Arsenal is expected to be completed within the next few days, but Triaud claims the player has agreed to join “without ever speaking to Arsene Wenger… in what must be unique in the history of signing players in football.” He then goes on to say that Chamakh has been badly advised and he doesn’t agree with how the transfer has happened:

“I believe Marouane has been advised very badly. His departure from the club and how it happened, I do not agree at all.”He also said: “Since I have been president of this club there have only been two complicated departures: Sylvain Wiltord and Marouane Chamakh, and coincidentally both chose Arsenal… I do not jump to conclusions I am just making a point.”

We all know what he is getting at, that Arsenal have basically been ‘tapping-up’ their player and unsettling him. But how can we be accused of any wrong-doing when the player is in the last 6-months of his contract and has been free to talk to whoever he likes? Arsene could have walked up to Chamakh’s front door in broad daylight and invited himself in for coffee to discuss a move to Arsenal if he wanted to, and it would have been none of this Jean-Lois Triaud’s business!

How ironic that he accuses Arsenal of such behaviour though when Barcelona continue their shameless persuite of Cesc Fabregas with daily comments about the Arsenal captain from Barca officials and nobody batters an eyelid. Only today we have had their vice-president talking openly about how Cesc is a target for them, he wants to join them, and he will be a Barca player soon. We have heard over the past few days about how Fabregas has agreed to join Barca before the World Cup. How could that be before they have even opened discussions with Arsenal or Arsene Wenger?

This kind of stuff has happened to Arsenal for years, Vieira, Henry, Petit, Overmars, Adebayor, Fabregas to name a few, and nothing is ever done about it. So for that reason, I hope Arsenal have been slightly underhand in the signing of Chamakh, we should be a bit more ruthless in the transfer market. Every other club out there does it, why not us? He just sounds like a bitter old man who’s p*ssed because he has lost a decent player for nothing.

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Would you be bothered if Arsenal had ‘tapped-up’ Chamakh? Or does it feel good to have the shoe on the other foot for once?

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