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Football fans love the sport because of its great suspense, thrill and excitement. It is a game most loved by millions of fans from all parts of the world. In fact, the football league championship is one of the most attended and anticipated sports events. Football teams are highly regarded as their country’s pride and prestige and every title won is the country’s honor.

Many countries set football as their national game and it is not surprising that almost everybody knows how to play the game. It is played in the field and even in streets and vacant lots. It’s the sport that local boys play before learning any other sport. It is also one of the sports that binds fathers and sons as it is a common tradition for fathers to teach their young sons the rounds of football games. Football games also connect families and communities and serve as a means of social interaction between countries.

Because of its popularity, football games are one of the favorites in many online games sites. Online footballs are developed by professional gaming software developers that have successfully created the real actions of the game. With vibrant graphics and realistic animation, the thrill and the fun of real football has been captured and transformed into action-packed online sports games. With a computer or laptop plus a good internet connection, you can enjoy your football game just like the real one. It is downloadable and can be instantly installed in your desktop to have nonstop football playing.

With the emergence of sports betting bookies, anyone can now bet on their favorite football team and have double fun of picking and celebrating with the winner. Every year, millions of revenues are collected from the taxes gathered on bets in football games making it the highest grosser in sports betting. That’s something that needs to be equaled by any other sport. And because mobile electronics have made life easier, it is now easy to bet on football with mobile phone. It frees every football fan from the restriction of mobility as everyone can place bets anytime and anywhere.

If you have instant craving to play football and you’re in the middle of somewhere, just log in to your mobile and play mobile football games till you drop dead.

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