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Why do they even let him speak????


Written by : armourysquare

Emmanuel Adebayor’s comments on The Arsenal :

“With the great new players we’ve got we have a wonderful chance to make history.

“But it’s all about results. If we can win ten games in a row, people will class Manchester City as bigger than Arsenal.”

Later on, he went on to say why he loves Shitty so much :

“It’s because I showed the fans my hunger, passion and I showed my love for the club,” he added.
“Ultimately, the fans just want to see that and feel it inside their bodies.”

Dear Mr. Adebayor,

You must really have no shame. Is this the way you talk about a club which has brought you so much fame and popularity? It’s just sad that no sooner do players reach their stage of ‘fame’  than they scorn the path they took to reach it. In the season you had with Shitty, you managed around 14 goals after making 31 appearances. And honestly, it’s quite sad for you,given the amount of opportunities you have had. But you probably over-achieved, so its fine by me…..I notice that every time you talk about Arsenal, you blame the fans. But my question to you is, what have the fans done wrong? If you pay to watch a player, and the player does not play well, then what do you expect. We fans love our players, and we show immense respect for them. All we ask is for good performance, and moreover an effort on the pitch, to make the club progress. In your case, you gave neither to Arsenal, so that’s why we booed you. .

Frankly every Gooner wants an effort to be put in by the Gunners on the pitch. Why were we so pissed at Arsenal when we were thrown out of the Champions league by Manchester United? The reason is because they never tried in that match. Lets be honest here, a player like Eduardo couldn’t give the same to Arsenal after February 2008, but why do we love him so much? Its because when that Croatian dude stepped onto the pitch, he gave all he could. This is what you said about us before the match in which you gave your famous Usain Bolt sprint :

What is good at City is the fans. They love you. Arsenal have a lot of fans who are not fans,” Adebayor said. “Arsenal have fans from America and Jamaica. Today they are Arsenal fans, tomorrow they will be Liverpool fans, after tomorrow they will be Manchester United fans.

“If you boo your player every weekend, I am very sorry, you are not true fans. It hurt me a lot. That was the most difficult moment of my career.”

In other words you are calling us all whores. That we change our support every single day of the week. But correct me if I am wrong here, are you not the one who went from London to  Manchester? And as far as I can remember, clubs in Manchester whether the Blue or Red half, are our rivals, aren’t they?…so you get why I am dumbstruck that you call us whores. I mean here you say that one day we support Arsenal and next Liverpool or United, and then you switch clubs to Manchester City…what an inspiration!

Another thing that I wanted to ask you is the sudden mention of the words ‘bigger than Arsenal’ in your quote. I’m a bit confused. Manchester City has become a very good club, that we all know, (even a poor kid on the road can buy a Mercedes if you gave him the money) but why does the above ”phrase” have to be included in your quote. I mean, there are 18 other teams in the Premier League to choose from and many more in the world, but why Arsenal. Do you miss the club, and wish to have a dig at it constantly to convince yourself that you did not make a mistake when going to City or  do you feel insecure, that you wont start in City and that you shall spend majority of the season ‘warming’ the bench…

You kicked RVP in the face. And not only that, in the same match, after scoring against us, you actually ran all the way to the stand where the Gooner’s were sitting. I bet you never ran that much  in your life when you were an Arsenal player.

Either you have some issues with us or Mr.Wenger, because you seriously don’t know how to show respect for a club. Respect for ones former club does show a footballers calibre you know. Why don’t you learn to be like Henry i.e the attitude he has towards Arsenal as an ex-gunner.

Whenever there is a draw for Champions League (sighs), I’m in pain, I’m in pain. Some of the guys are like, Thierry, what about playing Arsenal?! I’m like, yeh, yeh,’ll be great..riiight.

I’m not saying I won’t try to fight or whatever because that’s the way the game is. But I don’t want to play against Arsenal, it would be weird for me to step on the pitch even if it’s the Emirates and not Highbury with another shirt on. Psshh.

On asked if he would CELEBRATE IF HE SCORED, the master said :

Oh, forget about it. No. I told you, when there is a draw, I’m in pain. I do not want to play against Arsenal, it’s as simple as that.

The bond that I have with the Arsenal fans I will never get anywhere else because I don’t think i will ever play for another team for that long.

Lastly, I do not ask for an apology but just request you to refrain from saying all this crap in the future. People may take you to be mad for some reason or the other. City greater than the Arsenal, is truly a nice joke to tell children. At least thank you for that, guess you’re not that useless after all…



PS: I wait for you on 4th Jan at the Emirates, lets just see the ”bigger” club.



  1. jgfj

    September 6, 2010 at 9:32 am

    does he know yet they wer desprite to sell the useless lump, he is a lazy striker and man city will never win anything with him

  2. Nikhil

    September 6, 2010 at 10:08 am

    well said…I feel sorry for Adebayor as I genuinely believe he has no clue about what he’s saying…great article..

  3. cinjo

    September 6, 2010 at 10:48 am

    Very gud reply to shit Ade………
    Ade, u plz sit and watch from bunch.
    Who will finish before, Arsenal or Shitty

  4. goonergerry

    September 6, 2010 at 11:48 am

    Adebayor- all he cares about is money- nothing else. Cretin.

  5. Peter King Oloo

    September 6, 2010 at 3:32 pm

    Dude’s jst a jilted lover who does not know how much credit he gives his ex by ‘dissing’ him. By sayin City is now better than Arsenal, he jst admitted that his ex is the bar upon which all greatness is judged! Poor publicity seeking dude shd just sod off to Birmingham like Hleb.

  6. Gooner

    September 6, 2010 at 4:54 pm

    Every gooner has the right to hate Adebayor and rightly so… but to call 14 goals in 28 games sad? A goal every other game makes it 19 goal’s a season(38 prem games), excluding cup games-Any striker would bite your hand off for those stats.

    If adebayor is sad, what must Van Persie be then, bipolar? considering his goal scoring record in the last few years in the prem-.

    Yes i am an Arsenal fan….

    • armourysquare

      September 6, 2010 at 7:26 pm

      You’re also a dumbass, because you forget to include the fact that Ade has had much more game time than RVP….so obvioulsy he scored that much…give RVP that much time and he may go above 30 for the season

  7. Eric the Goon

    September 6, 2010 at 10:46 pm

    I’m a goon, sorry a gooner, but I must admit he does have a point. We look pretty impotent since Ade left. City have overtaken us now and must be regarded as a bigger better club..

  8. Eric the Goon

    September 6, 2010 at 11:07 pm

    In fact I’m so impressed with little old ciddy, that I think I might just start supporting them instead.
    OMG, he was right about that too!!!

  9. Gooner

    September 7, 2010 at 8:40 am

    I’m a dumbass??? the point im trying to make is 14 goals in 28 games, is a good record regardless of the striker. read the post again!!

    Is this how you ususally speak to readers?

    Going back to Van persie, I love the guy, i guess you didn’t get the joke, LOL

    Give Persie more time ? you sound like a teenager, i’ve watched Persie when he first signed, I don’t recall him completing a season without injury…..

    • armourysquare

      September 7, 2010 at 8:48 am

      14 goals in 28 games is good for a striker…in other words that is a 1:2 ratio,that you count good
      …so logacally you would also include 5 goals in 10 games good for a striker…Assume a striker scores 1 goal in his first game then no goal in the 2nd but in the 3rd and 4th he scores a hattrick once and another goal,then he goes barren…for the rest of the 6 matches…so you say he is a good striker…….How can That Adebayor in lastseason was agood and impressive…Yes, i admit that for us he was brilliant when he managed 30 goals,although he should have got much more….in my opinion, Ade has not done anyting gr8 for City, his stats show it…one can easily see the difference…man utd fans , a reason they get pissed off at Berbatov isbecause he managed a mere less than 15 goals last season, (apart from the rest of the reasons.)….I talk from a neutral point of view and I still feel Rvp is better than him,given the conditions the dutch-man has faced..

  10. Gooner

    September 7, 2010 at 9:21 am

    when strikers talk about goals, their target is 20 goals a season, when managers set targets for strikers its 20 goals, Carlos Tevez scored 22 goals last season? Adebayor like you said average 1 goal in 2 games? at that rate would have been 19? In your opinion thats not good?. I hate adebayor!, van persie is better footballer technically, i agree, but’s thats not the point. Rooney scored 26 in the prem last season? Rooneys best goal scoring season too. Adebayor would have scored 19? and you think thats is bad??…

    • armourysquare

      September 7, 2010 at 12:23 pm

      see , I dont agree with you that 19 goals for a striker is good in any season….now below you have stated the names of many strikers and their goals…carlos tevez has got 23 goals or whatever, so the bench mark according to you is set at 19…Adebayor is an out-an out striker,on the other hand Tevez is like a supporting striker, (When the play together)…..and tevez even scores more…19 golas a season for a striker is not that good, yes it ain’t bad …i say its my opinon if a striker scores more than 25 goals,including all matches played in the season-i.e UCL,UEFA-CUP,carling and FA…then he is a good striker…
      ROONEY 34
      tevez 29
      Torres 22
      WHORE 14
      …SEE overall top strikers cross that bench-mark of 26,except that torres was injured mostly last season otherwise even he would have made it…
      …thats my point…
      in a scale of good avg and nothing great
      Goals>or = 26 good
      20<=Goals<26 = avg
      and below 20 is nothing gr8
      so the whore is good but nothing great

  11. Gooner

    September 7, 2010 at 9:55 am

    let’s put things into perspective

    Didier Drogba-29 goals
    Wayne Rooney-26 goals
    Carlos Tevez-23 goals(my bad)
    Fernando Torres-18 goals
    Jermain Defoe-18 goals
    Dimitar Berbatov-12 goals

    1-2 ratio makes it 19 goals a season.
    Rooney was in the form of his life and he managed 26.

    This is not about who is the better striker Persie or Adebayor its about the goal stats. I stand by my desicion average 1 goal in two games is good (19 goals a season).

    All you have to do is read above!

  12. Gooner

    September 7, 2010 at 1:13 pm

    20 goals, is the benchmark set by managers and strikers themselves. The post above is last seasons goals in the prem*(only). Darren Bent (24 goals) he had his best season last year, so did rooney (26). Do you really think they will achieve that again? Drogba was the leading goal scorer and he scored 29? in the prem*

    Thierry Henry (arguably) the best striker to grace the premiership.
    Year-2003-04- scored 30 goals (his best ever season)-in the prem*
    2000-2001-scored 17 goals (his worst)-prem*

    So 19 goals a (prem*) season is not bad, I’m not saying Adebayor is the greatest striker, you said 14 goals in 28 games is sad??….i said its not….it’s (good)..

    Can you imagine if Arsenal had a 20 goal a season striker?

    When was the last time any Arsenal player scored 19 goals in a prem season….

    • armourysquare

      September 7, 2010 at 6:45 pm

      mate look, in my opinion on scale of good, avg and nothing gr8…adebayor is nothing gr8…yeah maybe I just have too high expectations when you play at the epl, but Adebayor as a Gunner was nothing great, or maybe avg and in city there is not much of a difference…thats my opinion, I would hold the same opinion about RVP if he was in the same position,but RVP has plyed lesser games…sorry for calling you at dumbass as in you hold a different opinion and I should respect it, but for me Adebayor whether at the Arsenal or Shitty is not that good….not only in terms of scoring goals but an all-round player also…

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  14. Gooner

    September 7, 2010 at 8:19 pm

    Arghh!!! the post has nothing to do with Adebayor, he could have got shot! in the terror attack for all I care.

    It’s about the goal ratio per game, I looked it up in *Fact* it’s 26 games/14 goals-in the premier,league, even better.

    Didier drogba
    2009/10 – 2008/09 – 2007/08
    29 5 8 ( Prem-league-goals)
    Wayne rooney
    2009/10 – 2008/09 – 2007/08
    26 12 12
    Fernando Torres
    2009/10 – 2008/09 – 2007/08
    18 14 24

    I named all world class strikers and look at the stats. How many goals in a (38 game) premier league season did they score?

    Again the average of a goal in two games in a 38 premier league season, makes it 19.

    If Robin Van Persie/Chamakh scored 19 goals in the premier league, this season, I bet my house you will be happy too.

    Torres and Drogba could score 25 goals+ In the premier league again, why because they are worldclass, can Rooney (world class) score 26 again, possibly, but i doubt it this season.

    So to average 19 goals in the premiership is no mean feat.

    Apology accepted….

  15. Gooner

    September 8, 2010 at 2:26 am

    Top Goal scorers/ last season in the Premier League

    1 Didier Drogba Chelsea 29
    2 Wayne Rooney Manchester United 26
    3 Darren Bent Sunderland 24
    4 Carlos Tévez Manchester City 23
    5 Frank Lampard Chelsea 22
    6 Fernando Torres Liverpool 18

    Top goal scorers 2008/2009 In the Premier League

    1 Nicolas Anelka Chelsea 19
    2 Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United 18
    3 Steven Gerrard Liverpool 16
    4 De Souza Robinho Manchester City 14
    5 Fernando Torres Liverpool 14
    6 Gabriel Agbonlahor Aston Villa 12

    Stick Marouane Chamakh with 19 goals, on either of the two lists, Please don’t tell me it doesn’t look good…?

    • armourysquare

      September 8, 2010 at 8:58 am

      Nope, i still disagree,not only that you here are assuming that whore or any striker with his stats will maintain a constant ratio,and knowing him I doubt he can…also 14 goals was from all competitions…so in that sense he ain’t that good,according to your stats above which is only from premier league games….

  16. armourysquare

    September 8, 2010 at 9:01 am

    wait i made a mistake 31 games and 14 goals so roughly I goal every 3 games…13 goals a season is that good for a striker in the premier league for that many appearances ??????

  17. Nzekwe Asugha

    September 8, 2010 at 10:15 am

    Adebayor is an ingrate and a dumb ass that doesnt deserve any publicity at all. He craves for attention in the press just to divert attention from his inept performance on the pitch, and the only place he can vent his frustrations is on arsenal and their loyal fans. I know that his days in soccer are numbered. City will keep him on the bench untill he rots because he has nothing to offer. What a lazy and ungrateful player. Shame on you adebayor with his chequered nationality.

  18. Gooner

    September 8, 2010 at 12:37 pm

    Dude wtf! is wrong with you, read your blog, you said, he made 28 appearances an scored 14 goals. In *fact* he made 26 appearances in the premier league and scored 14 goals. You called the ratio *sad*?

    I said *NO* the ratio is good, a goal every two games makes it *19* goals in a 38 game premier league (read my first post!!) excluding cup games.

    How many times do I have to tell you, I DONT GIVE A F*** ABOUT ADEBAYOR!!! ARGHHH!!!!!!!

    Read above please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As i said before it’s the RATIO!!!!!!!!! of 19 goals a season in the premier league……..

    Do you get it now!!!!! to score 19 goals in the premiership is Good!!!!!!!!

    Top goal scorers 2007/2008 Premier League

    Cristiano ronaldo 31
    Emmanuel Adebayor 24
    Fernando Torres 24
    Roque Santa Cruz 19
    Dimatar Berbatov 15

    Top goal scorers 2006/2007 Premier League

    Didier Drogba 20
    Benni Macarthy 18
    Cristiano ronaldo 17
    Wayne rooney 14
    Mark viduka 14

    Please look at all the goal scoring tables and name how many players scored 19 Goals in the premier league, and if they have how many have repeated there total or even come near it?

    Drogba for example, how many others?
    He was the leading goal scorer with 29 goals in the premier league in the previous season, 5 goals and in 2007/08 8 goals in a whole season.
    People label him world class???

    Imagine if he Scored *19 Goals* in the premiership in the last three seasons, people would label him as consistenly world class

    Just incase you forget i don’t give a shit about Adebayor, I care about the *RATIO*, which you called sad.

    19 goals in the premier league is SAD!!??

    Let’s do the test again but with someone, different someone you seem to like, Robin Van Persie.

    Stick Robin Van Persie with 19 goals, In any year of the goal scoring table i have giving you!!

    In fact stick RVP with 19 goals starting from 2000/2001 to where we are now 2010/2011

    10 years of goal scoring records, I guarantee you, RVP will not look out of place in the goal scoring charts with 19 goals!!

    If you still don’t understand, and call the average of a goal a game sad?? which makes it 19 goals a season, considering there is 38 games in a premeir league season..

    I will constantly booo all the strikers in the league including, Arsenal’s Chamakh,Persie or bendtner, even if they score 6 Hatricks in a row. Why??

    Beacuse according to you 19 goals in the premier league is not “GOOD ” enough

    Please don’t mention Adebayor the c***, i hate him!!

    Also im talking about the 19 goals is good stat for the premier league (only), to make things easier i wish you read my first post…

    • armourysquare

      September 8, 2010 at 2:29 pm

      “you managed around 14 goals after making 28 appearances. That’s an average of 1 goal in 2 games. And honestly, it’s quite sad for a striker”- you are going on harbouring on this point, but when I said striker, I primarily meant MAN CITY NO 9 (see i didn’t mention him)….given the amount of opportunities he has had.
      Secondly, just to fix up a few things 19 goals for a striker in my opinion is sad,but if you read “my comments” not post..I have used this term scale:
      Now the scale in which I have written is :
      1 Good..if>26 goals
      2.Average….between 20 and 26
      3.Nothing great.(sad)..below 20
      in your word the “scale” is
      2.Good…(where above or = to 19 but below 22)
      Now just compare the above 2 scales…you and I are making the same point,but expressing it differently…Incase of mc 9 its nothing g8 in my case and avg for you…simple, yes, I shuld have mentioned that and I apologise for that…
      …the scale is pertaining only to ae-ba-whore…not other strikers, given the amount of opportunities he has had.

  19. Gooner

    September 8, 2010 at 7:57 pm

    To make life simple….

    So called *World class* strikers in the Premier League-
    Goal scoring records going back the past three seasons in descending order:

    2009/2010 – 2008/2009 – 2007/2008
    (premier league goals)
    Didier Drogba 29 – 5 – 8
    Fernando Torres 18 – 14 – 24
    Nicolas Anelka 11 – 19 – 11
    Carlos Tévez 23 – 5 – 14
    Wayne Rooney 26 – 12 – 12
    Robin Van Persie 9 – 11 – 7
    Dimitar Berbatov 12 – 9 – 15

    (I couldn’t be bothered to look up appearances, but it’s the total of 38 games in the league)

    And you ask me this……?

    “wait i made a mistake 31 games and 14 goals so roughly I goal every 3 games…13 goals a season is that good for a striker in the premier league for that many appearances ??????”

    No the C*** made 26 premier league apperances and scored 14.

    Drogba scored 5 goals 2008/2009-15 apperances
    2007/2008 he scored 8 goals-17 apperances

    Tevez scored 5 goals also in 2008/2009-18 apperances

    Rooney scored 12 goals two seasons in a row-both seasons 25 apperances.

    Drogba will never score 29 again, Rooney (26) like I said possibly (just not this season).

    Robin Van Persie 19 goals a season? never!
    Maroune Chamakh 19? (13 goals is his record in the french league to date)
    Nicklas Bendtner, your joking right??

    Name me a current player in the English Premier league who could score *19* goals for the next consecutive five premier league seasons 2010/2011 to 2010/2015 ?

    Give me a striker? who would more or less *Guarantee* 19 goals a season?…..

    “Fernando Torres” ok that would be 40-60 million pounds please…..

    The only one i would bet my money on scoring 19 goals or more is Fernando Torres, he is World Class.

    The other’s well… just look at their record.

    19 goals at the end of the premier league season is good. How you can not see it is beyond my comprehension.

    Thierry Henry, was a diffrent class, he’s a living legend!, I think you agree…?

    “He became the first player to score more than 20 goals for five consecutive seasons from 2002 to 2006.”

    Thierry stats
    1999-2000 17 (premier league goals-only)
    2000-2001 17
    2001-2002 24
    2002-2003 24
    2003-2004 30
    2004-2005 25
    2005-2006 27
    2006-2007 10

    Who else could have done that the gay Ronaldo??…Yes, but who else, Torres maybe??

    Who else???….

    Why ?? Ronaldo because he cost 80 million pounds?
    Why?? Torres because everyone would want him in their team?

    Basically they are a different class, out of this world up there amongst the Greats, Messi, Pele, Henry and so on…

    Ok maybe not Torres yet, if he remains injury free just like Persie, he could stand alongside, Ronaldo and Messi.

    I suspect your a Gooner, if you didn’t know Henry’s goal scoring statistics, im disappointed, if you did I think you’re being disrespectful to his achievements at Arsenal.

    “He became the first player to score more than 20 goals for five consecutive seasons from 2002 to 2006”

    No one has beaten it to date??

    I’m trying to imagine what you will say if Maroune Chamakh, Scored 19 goals in the league for the next three seasons…
    “Wenger signed a loser, what a sad looking striker”…?

    After all the facts and statistics to still say 19 goals in the league sad is mind boggling…
    We just going to have to agree to disagree….

    No offense but some of your facts, statements, are ridiculous…

    But it’s better then the other blogs on here, where they just copy and paste and could find a thousand identical articles.

    At least you put your own words into your blog, I just wish…Ahh forget it peace. Hold on I think it’s a peace sign. Oh yes it it 🙂

    • armourysquare

      September 9, 2010 at 8:09 am

      because I support Arsenal, I look at other club players especially former Gooners excepting a few with a very high standard….so You and I don’t like Adebayor,but you choose to say 14 goals is good in 31 games, I prefer not to…thats my opinion,

      In general let me tell you my point of view :
      A player playing in the premier league if he SCORES ABOUT 18-20 GOALS A SEASON IT IS SUPERB….
      ….if you ask me to assess a former ginner who is a dip-shit, then even if he scores 22 goals I’ll call him average, ..sorry mate, Im just that way…

  20. Gooner

    September 9, 2010 at 12:28 am

    “just to fix up a few things 19 goals for a striker in my opinion is sad,but if you read “my comments” not post..I have used this term scale:
    Now the scale in which I have written is :
    1 Good..if>26 goals
    2.Average….between 20 and 26
    3.Nothing great.(sad)..below 20

    Henry statistics from 2001-2006 shows you have to be one of the best strikers in the world, to score more then 19 goals a season, in the premier league/ or in the form of your life!

    Henry during his time was one of the most prolific forwards in the world!

    Thierry Henry is a class apart from all strikers in the premiership!

    To this day who can you compare Henry to?, i mean to consistently score more then 20 goals a season, in the league?

    Thierry Henry stats
    1999-2000 17 (premier league goals)
    2000-2001 17
    2001-2002 24
    2002-2003 24
    2003-2004 30
    2004-2005 25
    2005-2006 27
    2006-2007 10

    According to your scale Henry was sad, average, good. But mostly sad/average.

    Average wtf?? are you kidding me?!

    “He became the first player to score more than 20 goals for five consecutive seasons from 2002 to 2006.”

    19 goals a season is sad? So in your eyes it means it’s easily achievable. Any random nobody can score 19 goals and if they do your labeled sad!

    If that doesn’t change your perspective and bring you back down to reality…

    “I think you’re being disrespectful to Henry’s achievements at Arsenal”

    “19 goals in the premier league is no mean feat”

    I took the liberty of reading your other blogs, don’t get me started……….

    Are you a novice blogger/ New to the beatiful game?…… American??

    Peace 🙂

    • armourysquare

      September 9, 2010 at 6:32 am

      leave a comment on the blog,so I can contact you on how to improve ..bcoz you felt something was wrong..cheers

  21. armourysquare

    September 9, 2010 at 6:21 am

    I have used this scale for adebayor as I have written the post on him…fine 19 goals is great , you have some problem if I don’t find that great,then live with it. Henry is overall any day on earth better than adebayor only people like you shall compare them……let me talk about adebayor as this post was meant for him as a STRIKER AND NOT GENRALLY…14 GOALS IN 31 GAMES IN ALL APPEARANCES IS THAT ANY GOOD…even if it is good, have you seen the bamboo shaft,dio you think he is an good…you have gone on harbourin about a striker and got me sidetracked also, I am talking about adebayor, I thougth when I used the word striker in meant for him wWHY???because the post “Why do they ven let him speak ” is on him…in general 19 goals is good fopr the pl, but has that fucker scored even that much,lets ee chamakh RVP is usually injured so we can’t see him,rooney n drogba are there and so is torres so lets just see….Yes may be I didnt explain that part better but fine i apologised for it, and again when I say striker I mean whore, so if u think its in genral yur looking it at a dff point of view than mine…sorry for the inconvinience though, I agree i should have made it more clear…..and what other posts did you read plz srat so I can improve …name it except for the “oops” post

  22. armourysquare

    September 9, 2010 at 6:27 am

    whore would be good if he manged goals according to the SCALE I PUT UP….thats my opinion, and plz be respectful to TT…don’t compare him to “that guy”

  23. kisekka

    September 21, 2010 at 12:23 pm

    Adebayor was acomplete falier and i alone i dont rate him as agood strike rather a gamboller.
    And , i bet if he will be at man city for 3 years.

  24. False 9

    September 23, 2010 at 8:31 pm

    Gooner you are obviously wasting your time with that guy: you are far more articulate and your reasoning is backed up by hard facts whereas his first argument was to call you a dumbass and by showing his poor spelling for all to see. See? I too can resort to ad-hominems with litte regard to facts/data/logic.

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