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Arsene Wenger Explains Summer Transfer Decisions

Arsenal manager arsene wenger

Written by Fab4.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has claimed he didn’t buy a midfielder during the summer in order to give young players like Jack Wilshere a chance at first team football.

Speaking at a Shareholders Q&A on Thursday night, Wenger explained his reasoning behind his decision to overlook the midfield area when making additions to his squad and highlighted Wilshere as an example of the kind of young player he wanted to show faith in.

“I believe that I always wanted to develop the players I have,” said Wenger. “For example we have Diaby, we have Song, we have Denilson in this position, we have bought Aaron Ramsey – 18 years old – in this position, and now Jack Wilshere develops in this position.

“The problem when you develop a young team, for example we have Jack who was born in 1992 – 18 years old – is that if I don’t make room for him he will go somewhere.

“People will say to me: ‘Why did you let him go? Look at what a good player he is.’ But if you don’t play him [he will go] and that’s the tricky situation of developing young players. First you have to scout them, then give them a good education but the final part is to be strong enough to say ‘I will give this boy a chance to play’.

“The first two stages are not too difficult but the third stage you have to be strong, to face the critics and the people who want always the best players in the world and to say ‘No, I believe in you, I will give you a chance.’ And I believe if we can be proud of one thing we did in recent years, it is that we have done that very well with a lot of support from the Board.

“But it is time now for us to keep these players together and to develop them and to win. Then we can say we have created something special with a style of play we wanted to create, that is unique, with the values that we want to put forward at the Club, and as well with an expectation level to have a team together for a few years.

“That is why we were absolutely adamant to keep Fabregas as well because we have worked hard in the last five years to get this team together.”

Arsene is telling us what we already know, that he chooses to develop the young players at the club instead of buying expensive established stars and i am fully supportive of this strategy, as long as the young players he plays show sufficient quality and progression to warrant first team football for Arsenal FC.

In my opinion players like Jack Wilshere, Aaron Ramsey, Kieran Gibbs, Theo Walcott, Song and to a certain extent Abou Diaby and Carlos Vela, all deserve a chance at first team football at a young age because they have the obvious talent to make it if given the opportunity. So given the choice of signing a £10m 27-year-old or playing Jack Wilshere, i’d pick Wilshere every time. But there are certain players in the Arsenal squad who get game-time and it’s clear to most that they will never go on to great things. This is when i have a problem with ‘project youth’.

Give the real talent a chance and drop the rest. If that gives us space in the squad for a couple of world-class players then great. But one thing if  for sure…I’m really excited by our new midfield trio of Song, Fabregas and Wilshere!



  1. Nzekwe Asugha

    September 17, 2010 at 11:33 am

    Yes i agree to some extent with the position of Wenger on the youth project. However, i would prefer a mixture of the two so that the team will have strong character when dealing with matured and agresive teams like chealsea and Man U. It is an open secret that Arsenal will do well, but the problem lies in what will happen when those niggling injuries set in around March and April. If it possible for our key players like RVP ,Fab, Theo, Nasri, Rosicky to stay injury free, then i foresee a good end to our campaign this season. I wish them the best of luck.

  2. brigi99jam

    September 17, 2010 at 6:06 pm

    SO when do we discard them them, because a couple of years ago, Song would have been out the door. Get this frigging ” world-class” definition out the window, Arsenal will never buy world class palyers , because there are only a handful of them, and by world class, I mean established stars, let me repeat for clarity, we will never buy the Messi’s Xavi’s Iniesta’s, drogba’s of this world… We buy players who fit a mould, have the talent and are virtually unnoticed, when they come to Arsenal they become world clases , Henry, Overmars,Anelka fabregas.. that is our model , get it, that is Arsenal’s model.. You are a fan, then you like th emodel.. You like the purchase of world class players, then City’s the place for you….Vive La Arsenal..Joga Bonita..

    Kosciency, Squillachi and Chamak are three great buys, all of whom when I heard their names the first time, I said who? , add Vermalen to that, but that’s how its been and I love it.. Watching them come in and then all w ehear is how good they are, and how the ADD to the squad, that’s all we need. The ego’s and salaries of these world class players would hinder rather than help the Arsenal Juggernaught…Long live the Arsenal..

    • Fab4

      September 17, 2010 at 7:46 pm

      I get it…don’t worry. But i don’t have to agree with it.

      Would i rather Arsenal had bought Mertesacker instead of Koscielny, damn right, and there is nothing wrong with that. mertesacker is an established player, Koscielny is not. Whether he turns out to be a good signing is not the point. Why do we always have to sign a player who has questions marks over him and has to prove himself? I would like the odd player who i KNOW how good he is when he signs, and i shouldn’t ‘have to go and support city’ to get that.

      Anyway, you say we never buy world class players, were we not £1m away from signing Xabi Alonso 2 years ago? (and please don’t be petty enough to start an argument over the term ‘World Class’, you know exactly what i mean by saying that.

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