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Your Chance To Access Football Manager 2011 Before it Gets Released


Written by Football Talk.

It’s the time of year all football fans look forward to…. the released of the new Football Manager computer game!

Every fan thinks they know what’s best for their club. What formation to play, who to buy/sell, who should be captain, etc, but unfortunately the closest they can get to the real thing is playing on their PC’s! Lets face it, most Arsenal fans want Wenger to buy a top class goalkeeper, Liverpool have endured a nightmare start to the season and many fans feel a quality back-up to Fernando Torres was a must in the summer, and now Manchester United fans must come to terms with the fact Wayne Rooney may soon be wearing the blue shirt of their rivals!

How would you deal with these situations? Well now you can put your skills to the test with the most realistic football management game ever – Football Manager 2011. I still remember the day i found Thierry Henry as a raw youth player at Monaco. He had 20 for pace and 20 for shooting, i snapped him up for £1.2m and, as they say, the rest is history. I was the boss of Arsenal and managed to get him that Champions League winners medal he had always longed for while playing in North London! Obviously he got one in ‘real life’ as well, but I’m sure he wishes he had done it with the Gunners and not Barca.

I don’t have as much time as i used to to play Football Manager but it’s still a great way to spend a few spare hours a week. Due to be released on the 5th November, it’s jam-packed with new features such as real-time contract negotiations for more realistic dealings with agents, a new set-piece creator, and a completely overhauled training system.

If that’s not good enough, you have the chance to access Football Manager in advance with Mirror Football. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, simply head over to the Mirror Football website on Thursday 21st October and claim your free download code.

You may also want to check out their free facebook fantasy 5-a-side football game – Mirror Football Goals. You can pick your team, set up a mini-league and invite your mates to get involved.

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