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Fabregas / Toure Transfers Get Even More Complicated


By Fab4.

Two of this summers transfer saga’s have become even more confusing and complicated over the last couple of days. Cesc Fabregas leaving Arsenal for Barcelona. Yaya Toure leaving Barcelona for anywhere that will pay enough for his services. Much has been written about these two players and their futures, with Arsenal stuck in the middle of it all.

Rewind a few weeks back when Barcelona began their public pursuit of the Arsenal captain, there was talk that Arsene Wenger wanted Toure as part of any deal. Initially Toure’s agent, Dimitri Seluk, welcomed the news and said Wenger was interested and that Yaya could be on his way to the Emirates. Seluk soon changed his tune claiming his client would NOT be part of any swap deal as he had better options available to him.

During this time Barcelona were coming out with daily comments regarding the future of Fabregas with the most blatant ‘tapping up’ since the last time they were after him. They then have their first official offer for Fabregas, believed to be £29m, rejected by Arsenal with the Gunners stating he would not be sold. Toure’s agent comes out and claims he has agreed a switch to an unnamed premiership club (most likely City) and the deal would be announced before the World Cup.

Now, only days later, there are conflicting reports surrounding Fabregas and Toure once more. One camp says Arsenal have struck a deal with the soon-to-be Barca president, Sandro Rosell, which would see Cesc stay in London for one more season before moving to Spain. Others claim Arsenal are ready to sell, but only for £58m. Yaya Toure’s agent has now come full-circle and is once again touting Toure as a possible make-weight in the Fabregas deal and says a deal could be done soon.

“There’s a lot of interest in the deal (for Toure),” Seluk told Rac-1. “Arsene Wenger likes him and Arsenal are interested.

“If the conditions are good, everything can be finished soon.

“He could come into the Cesc deal and Barca and Arsenal are struggling to come to an agreement.

“Everything has changed with City, because they talk a lot but then afterwards they don’t appear to be a rich club but rather a bankrupt one.”

What the hell is going on?!?!?! I expected the Fabregas deal to be a long drawn-out affair, but Toure’s agent just seems to be causing a stir around his client and trying to drum-up interest in him. The most likely thing is that Toure agreed a switch in principal to Man City assuming because they threw silly money at Adebayor and Santa Cruz last summer they would do the same with him, Seluk jumped the gun and said it was a done-deal, then City’s offer turned out to be lower than expected so he is now back-tracking and fluttering his eye-lashes at Arsenal again.

I like Toure and would love to see him at Arsenal, but it looks to me as if he’s just in it for the money, why else would he want to go to City?! There are also reports that say Barca value him at £29m, the same amount they offered Arsenal for Fabregas. Are they joking? Do they honestly think Toure is worth the same amount as Fabregas?! No chance boys. Toure is worth no more than £20m and Fabregas is worth at least £50m, so any deal involving the two should also include a rather large cheque.

The scary thing is this is only the start of the summer transfer window so there is a few more months of this to endure. Ideally, any transfers would be done quickly but I can’t see either players futures being sorted any time soon, not officially anyway. In the end i just hope Arsenal come out of it all with at least one of Fabregas/Toure playing in a red & white shirt next season.

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