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[Player Ratings] Sunderland 2-0 Arsenal: Gunners Were Simply Awful

Arsenal blew their last chance of lifting a trophy this season as they crashed out the FA Cup following a 2-0 defeat to Sunderland. Here are player ratings

Another horrific display by Arsenal blew our last chance of lifting a trophy this season as we crashed out the FA Cup following a 2-0 defeat to Sunderland on Saturday.

The black cats had a simple game plan and executed it well, and we had no answers. The home sides performance had everything Arsenal’s lacked; desire, tireless work ethic, organisation, confidence and unity.

The 7-1 thrashing of Blackburn is now a distant memory after two of the worst performances i’ve witnessed from Arsenal in a long time. There is so much wrong with this current squad, it’s scary.

Both of Sunderland’s goals had elements of fortune, but overall they deserved their victory. A response against Tottenham is vital next Sunday or this teams confidence could be shattered beyond repair. Here are my player ratings from the game, this isn’t going to be pretty:

Arsenal Player Ratings:

Fabianski – 6 – Could do nothing with the deflected opener but may have done better with the second. Lived up to his nickname ‘Flappyhandski’ on a few occasions, after coming for, and completely missing, a couple of crosses.

Sagna – 5.5 – Put in a couple of half decent crosses but i feel he could have closed down Richardson quicker for the first goal, went missing for the second and was lucky not to be sent off as well.

Djourou – 4.5 – With Djourou playing alongside Squillaci, it was never going to end well for Arsenal. Johan gave away a clumsy free kick that lead to the opener and always looked shaky in defence.

Vermaelen – 6 – Slightly better display than against Milan but still not up to his usual high standards. Shifted to left back when Coquelin went off.

Coquelin – 6 – Unlucky for the youngster as he was forced off with a hamstring injury early on.

Song – 5 – Very disappointing from Alex. He failed to stamp his authority on the game and put in a very ponderous performance.

Arteta – 4 – Probably his worst performance in a Gunners shirt. Constantly lost possession and lacked heart in the fight.

Ramsey – 4.5 – Made no impact on the game. Let Larsson breeze past him to shoot against the post, that lead to the second goal. Didn’t look like he knew what his role was, but it certainly shouldn’t be as an attacking midfielder. Rambo offers no creativity at all.

Gervinho – 4 – Went close with a decent effort early in the first half but faded badly and hardly saw the ball in the second half.

Chamberlain – 4 – Held on to the ball for too long when in possession, mostly trying to do too much. Lost possession that lead to the second, despite his efforts to chase back and make up for his error, he actually made it worse by bundling the ball into his own net. Slightly unlucky, he just got his feet in a muddle, at least he showed a bit of hunger out there and he looked devastated at the end.

Van Persie – 5 – Missed a couple of half chances but looked a frustrated figure. Once again the service to RVP was non-existent and he had no support from his fellow attackers.


Squillaci – 3 – Absolute disaster waiting to happen. Failed to read the flight of some long balls and always looked uncomfortable.

Rosicky – 5 – Got on the ball a fair bit but did very little with it. Failed to create anything of note and took too long to release the ball.

Walcott – 4 – Came on and played up front but barely saw the ball. Made a couple of decent runs but was offside on three occasions. Made no impact at all.

If you haven’t seen the goals yet, you can watch video highlights here.

Those are my ratings, they are just my opinions and you may have seen things differently. What would your ratings be?



  1. Paul

    February 19, 2012 at 9:05 pm

    overly generous to a side that essentially cannot do a job.

  2. meaner

    February 19, 2012 at 10:04 pm

    You rate players by reputation? Squillaci is well known for not being a reliable defender but which instant that he did wrong to get a 3? How Ramilson could get a 4.5? How can you justified Coquelin got a 6 with only 10 mins on the field? Keep your bias opinion to yourself.

    • WoodyD

      February 20, 2012 at 1:33 am

      Thank you. Agreed that personal bias creeps into these evaluations. Squillaci isn’t my favorite player but can’t agree that he was worse than Djourou. DJ was the worst player on the pitch followed closely by Ramsey and Arteta.

  3. Alex

    February 19, 2012 at 10:54 pm

    Pretty generous ratings. HORRIBLE play by Ramsey, who should be benched for 2 years, extremely pale Arteta needs a rest, and Vermaelen is a shadow of himself. Positions poor, can’t tackle, and he can’t command anymore, just whines. Djourou should be prohibited to play for money, since he is the worst defender to have ever put on football shoes, and Squillaci…. well, no need to mention that disaster. Sagna defended horribly, also a shadow of himself. Walcott should be fired right away, he wouldn’t even start for a Ligue 2 side. Chamberlain is WAY to young, and will have a storming game (like against Blackburn) only when the opposition full backs are as good as Walcott at defending. For Arsenal to compete for the title, Wenger needs a good left back, CB, central midfielder, 2 wingers and a striker. Because let’s face it, Gibbs will NEVER paly regular football, he isn’t even good, and he is always injured. One of the centerbacks is ALWAYS injured, and the back-up is Djourou. Arteta can’t play 140 matches in one week, he is WAY to tired and needs a back up. Ramsey is the same as Chamberlain, and I can’t remember Ramsey have a good game this season. Rosicky is to old, and is very average, same is Arshavin. Chamakh and Park has to be sold. They never play, and when they do, they are very poor. So Arsenal needs to sell/fire at least 11 players. Now Wenger got 35 million for Fabregas, why not just buy Pastore or someone of the same calibre. The advanced playmaker position is empty, since Wilshere can’t play until 2024 due ti a mystical injusry, and Ramsey and Rosicky aren’t good enought to even play for Bolton. So get some players fired and get some players in who are actually players and not retards

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  5. The Don

    February 20, 2012 at 2:27 am

    it was just a poor game
    alll players was poor.

    the team is just not right
    out of the eleven
    only bout 3 of them would get in to the likes of man citys or man united first team.

    and with wenger bring in walcott who is not a striker instead of chamak
    is pritty much made sure his leaving in the summer.

  6. zaki

    February 20, 2012 at 5:28 am

    F.A is corrupt f.a is corrupt webb shouldn’t be a refree anymore he should go and play golf .another thing f.a burn suarez 8 game he deserve that but what about j.terry now who is racist

    • brian waldron

      February 20, 2012 at 6:45 am

      Zaki you are full of -rap. its not about the FA or Webb , its about Arsenal you idiot. Stop sprouting this racist bullshit, if a white player says something hes now a racist, however when a coloured player says something its ok! Its a mans game you whinging idiot!

  7. Michael

    February 20, 2012 at 3:07 pm

    Face it this team lacks quality everywhere I would pick a completely new starting 11 but you can’t really do that in reality. Arsenal should have a top international in every position. And I mean internationals that play for countries that actually qualify for the World cup finals and are always considered having a chance to win. THe last top player like that was Arshavin and you can say what you want about his effort of late you can not take away the fact he has talent. And in some ways you normally only get 2-3 seasons when you sign readymade 27-28 year old players you hope for 5 but if you make 2-3 signings like that every season you always have 2-3 players at the top of their game. And 2-3 top players with experience and then through in a few talented youngsters and you have a squad. What we have forgot was to keep signing 2-3 top players every season for the past 6 years so we are behind 12 good players that should have been in this squad. And this was made worse when we became a selling club letting Nasri, Fab, Gaël Clichy (I know he had his faults but only when you compare him to cole he did make Frances first 11 in more then a few caps and I would consider any player that ,makes frances 11 a good player) Not really enough space here to cover it all but basically every player in the stating 11 except RVP should be backup for someone better or a subs role (I would keep Arshavin he still has a place as a sub or backup he is now past his prime but still a talent.)

  8. Mark M

    February 21, 2012 at 9:00 am

    Point of correction, Ramsey was already on the bench by the time the second goal was scored, substituted in 53rd min, goal scored 77th min.

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