It takes a great deal of time and effort to write posts and articles each day, but we do it because of our passion for the club we support. Football Talk  provides fans with the opportunity to write about the club they love and share their opinions with the world. Details of the Football Talk team can be found below. If you are interested in becoming a writer please contact us at admin@football-talk.co.uk.

Football Talk

The main website author. Will provide a neutral perspective on all articles. Whenever a club author is unable to write a match report or cover an important story, football talk will step in.


Gooner Mac

I’m a massive Arsenal fan who loves football, golf, blogging and gambling.I couldn’t resist the opportunity to write about my beloved team when approached by Football Talk. I will try and provide a balanced view in match reports, but will always give my honest opinion regarding player and manager performances.

Gooner Daily

An Arsenal blog that provides readers with the latest news including up-to-the minute transfer gossip, match previews, match reports, daily news, team news and much, much more. We’re glad to have our articles published here on Football Talk, feel free to get involved in the comments section.

Armoury Square

I created my blog because I love my club, and I want to express my views, opinions and points on it.  Arsenal Football Club is a part of my life. And in my blog, you will find a passionate Gooner blogging.  Enjoy Football-Talk and like having my posts read my its readers.


Joe Carroll

I’m a passionate football fan and the sport has always played a huge part in my life. Looking to pursue a career in Journalism, I was delighted to get the opportunity to write on a subject I love. I’ll be looking ahead to and looking back on all of the millionaire Blue’s fixtures. www.joecarrollwrites.co.uk

Chelsea Fanatic

My blog will cater for the needs of Chelsea Fans regarding latest news of our favorite club and also the fans will have the platform to express their opinions. Glad to have my work on Football-Talk so others can enjoy it and discuss it.


Chelsea True Blue

Due to my incredible passion for football and being a big Chelsea fan, I decided to start ‘Chelsea FC True Blue’ back in 2008 so that I could share my good and bad moments concerned with Chelsea FC with Chelsea fans all over the world. Happy to be having my blogs content published on Football-Talk.



Phil Dickinson

As a third generation Liverpool fan, I’ve been supporting the mighty Reds for as long as I can remember, living through the false dawns of the Roy Evans era and still ever so slightly scarred by Eric Cantona’s  85th minute winner in the 1996 FA Cup final. I’ll be bringing you all the latest news and opinion from the Red side of Stanley Park, as Stevie G and company battle to recreate the glory years. pjad_uk@yahoo.co.uk

Liverpool Football Blog

Liverpool Football Blog is a Liverpool blog that tells it like it is. If you like my work on Football Talk then please follow, like or subscribe to my blog and join in with the discussion. Check us out here:



John Toher

Huge Liverpool fan who loves to write about my beloved Reds. Run my own blog ‘Friends of Liverpool’ that brings my take on Liverpool news, feel free to leave your comments on my work – both good or bad.


Check out my website: www.friendsofliverpool.com

Manchester United

Daniel Alston

A Journalism and Broadcasting graduate with a penchant for writing, football and writing about football. Living in Manchester, I’ve been a big United fan for almost all of Sir Alex Ferguson’s glorious reign, and look forward to documenting future on-field success right here at Football-Talk. http://www.twitter.com/danielalston

Glory Glory Man Utd

We wanted to create a blog that featured all the latest Manchester United News, Man Utd match reports, transfers, insight and discussion around Man United. Most of the articles will be written with an unashamed United bias (It is a Man United fan site after all) but we will look to take a unique angle and cover the matches and news as we see it.

Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur

Viorel Mesca

Although I make my living as a lawyer, I have always dreamed about becoming a professional football journalist. When time allows, I will do my best to keep you updated about Spurs’ transfer news, match previews, match reports, the club’s Hall of Fame and any other relevant info. I am one of the Real Football award-winner – December 2010 held/organized by GSP and one of the nominees for the Talent of the Year award given by the Ioan Chirila foundation.

Tottenham Hotspur

The Spurs Blogger

I’m a passionate Spurs fans who loves a bit of a rant almost as much as I dislike the prats from down the road (Ars*nal).  I will post on most days, including a post before every match called ‘Thoughts Ahead Of’, as well as all after thoughts that I have of the games. Please feel free to leave feedback, as I’m constantly looking to improve.

Football Betting Tipster

Premiership Tips

Feature Writers

Tom Gatehouse

Currently based in Hong Kong, I’m an English freelance journalist with a love for the beautiful game. Mainly a feature writer, I owe no particular allegiance to the clubs I write about, but look to find great talking points for everyone to get involved in. Check out my blog: goodbadribery.blogspot.co.uk

Bharath Ram

Ross Mackiewicz

Thomas Watt

Patrick McLoughlin